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Chinese bare beauties

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Daxia was a dance performed in praise of Yu the Great of the Xia dynastyfamous for besuties work on flood control. In beautiee dance, 64 performers danced bare-chested wearing vare caps and white skirts. The movements of the dance may imitate the Chinese bare beauties labour performed during flood control. Another six formed what was called the "Small Dances", to be performed by younger members of the aristocracy in minor ceremonies and sacrifice rituals. All the dances involved dancers holding objects such as feather plumes, yak-tails or shield, except the Dance of the People which is focused on sleeve movements. In the Book of Ritesit is recorded that Marquis Wen of Wei expressed concerns about falling asleep during the measured and stately court performances and preferred the popular new music and dances of Wey and Zhengthough his Confucian advisor condemned these as decadent and disorderly.

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These may have been people from poorer family who visited and performed baare the women's quarters in the palace or at houses of the nobles. Slaves had been kept as dancers since the Xia dynasty. Qin and Han Chinese bare beauties BCE — CE [ edit ] Han dynasty figurines showing dancers with long sleeves During the Qin and Bexuties dynasties, the imperial Daneille colby topless established the yuefu literally Music Bureauwhich was responsible for collecting folk music and dance for performance heauties the court.

A popular dance of the Han dynasty is the Long Sleeve Dance, which is depicted in many images and sculptures of the Chinsse, and this form of traditional dance survives Chlnese this day. Historical texts also recorded that dancers danced bending Chinrse the waist while moving their sleeves. Many dances of this period are mentioned in historical bae. In one account, a sword dance was said to have been performed by Xiang Zhuang at a banquet in an attempt to assassinate Liu Bang the founder of the Han dynasty at the Feast at Hong Gate. The dance is performed with a long scarf held in each hand, and Chinesr similar to today's Long Silk Dance.

Large-scale performances of this dance involved brandishing weapons to the accompaniment of drums and songs in the Ba language. The dancer held a long piece of silk on a rod in each hand. She was named Feiyan or "Flying Swallow" after her slender figure and lithe dance steps, so light that she appeared to be quivering like a flower in the hand. In the Six Dynasties period, between the end of the Han dynasty and the beginning of the Sui dynastythere were pronounced influences from Central Asia on Chinese music and dance. Musical instruments such as the pear-shaped pipa and dances such as the lion dance may have been introduced in this period via Central Asia.

The imperial court of the Jin dynasty — was relocated to the south and many Han Chinese also migrated southwards due to pressure from the northern Hu tribes. In the later part of the 6th century, Emperor Wen of the Sui dynasty ended the strife and division of China, and re-unified the country. There were around 30, musicians and dancers at the imperial court during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong, [44] with most specialising in yanyue. Standing performances involves numerous dancers, and were usually performed in courtyards or squares intended for grand presentations.

Small-scale dances, performed during banquets and other occasions, may be divided into two categories: This dance, originally called the Brahmin Dance, may have been a Central Asian or Indian dance brought to the Tang court by way of Kucha. Some pieces of music and dance of the Tang dynasty that had disappeared from China survive in Japan. It tells of a grieving son seeking the tiger that killed his father, using his hand to keep the hair, unkempt through grieve, from the face so as to see better. Five Dynasties to the Song dynasty — CE [ edit ] Mural from a Song dynasty tomb in Henan, depicting a male dancer accompanied by musicians.

A period of fragmentation, the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms periodfollowed the fall of the Tang dynasty until China was unified under the Song dynasty. During the Song dynasty, footbinding began to spread among the elite in China, and the practice may have started during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period among female dancers. One story concerns the favorite concubine of the Southern Tang emperor Li Yu who bound her feet into the shape of the crescent moon and performed a lotus dance on the point of her feet ballet-fashion. After the Song dynasty, less and less was heard about beauties and courtesans who were also great dancers.

The most erotic part of the female body according to the ancient Chinese men were tiny feet. The ideal length of the feet was 3 inch. Of course, such a foot length was not natural. Chinese women artificially reduced the size of a foot through the practice of bandaging. Chinese beauty standards have changed, but not the serious attitude to it of Chinese girls. How do Chinese women try to be beautiful today? The skin bleaching, upper eyelid and nose correction surgery, increasing growth - this is just a small list of the procedures required in order to become a Chinese beauty queen. They still keep the ancient beauty traditions mixed with the European ones.

Despite Chinese bare beauties natural slenderness, Chinese females tend to body thinness even more. By the way, in China it is almost impossible to pick up jeans of the 44th size - there are almost no girls with such a physique in China, their maximum size can be the 40th. It can be said that the Chinese type beauty are not silicone breasts, full lips and a California tan. It is a straight nose, almond-shaped eyes, a narrow chin and tiny lips. It seems that the Chinese standards of beauty are less aggressive than the European ones, but both the first and the second are achieved, as a rule, due to the plastic surgery.

Often young Chinese girls get the surgery as a gift from their parents for the graduation. Inthe representative of China's Yu Wenxia second time won the title of "Miss World" at the international competition. This prompted me to create a perfect rating to representatives of China. In my top 10 the most beautiful Chinese women were included the Chinese models, actresses and winners of beauty contests. Tang Yu Hong 19 July - Chinese actress. Her English name is from her mother's love of the jewel.